V2C is a Welsh Housing Association, that help people to find affordable homes to rent or buy in South Wales, within thriving communities. They needed help with both their inward and outward facing tools and digital presence. 
Interviews, Observation, Workshops & Mapping.

Getting to know their existing users, their motivations, goals and frustrations through qualitative and quantitative research.

Wireframes and User Journeys
Mapping the Intranet Site Structure and creating layout options.
High fidelity Prototypes
Testing out ideas, layouts and styles, presenting to the client and iterating.

These are the final homepage designs I presented back to the client, including the full prototype which can be viewed here: https://invis.io/9E5GQ8R7M#/101570141_Intranet_Homepage_Colourful

Website Design Options

These are the website design options I presented back to V2C, alongside the Intranet design work. The idea was to stick with the colourful theme of their internal communications portal whilst also making use of icons where possible, to help break the language barriers between English and Welsh.

User Interface Specification

I put together a User Interface Specification for their Intranet, allowing them to share their new style internally and make sure the visual brand is kept consistent throughout the portal. This also contained annotations against each page design, detailing the intended interactions for which to test against.

Sharing, communicating and testing